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Welcome to The Clean Hub, a community of clean beauty enthusiasts that seek to educate the beauty world of alternatives to toxic ingredients and empower unique indie beauty brands.


Here at The Clean Hub, we are a bit tired of seeing the words “natural” and “organic” on beauty products when it couldn’t be further from the truth. We help guide consumers and build trust in beauty products that are free of known chemicals and carcinogens. To achieve this, we’re building our network of clean beauty brands and fans through our accelerator program, newsletters, research and social media.


To help clean beauty indie brands, we have built THE leading virtual accelerator program dedicated to providing tools that help companies grow, such as funding, webinars, key industry contacts, and consultations. This allows the brands we work with to focus on their products and raise their brand profile, just by joining our network.


Through our partnership with a prominent UK retailer, we are introducing US and UK based clean beauty products in our community to consumers which allows us to help elevate each clean brand’s global presence and revenue.


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Raquel Wing

Founder and Managing Director

Ravi Sathia

Marketing Jefe

Juliana Siward

Director of Operations

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