A passion for clean beauty as well as a continual distrust of mainstream natural products has urged PURE and The Clean Hub to come together. We no longer want to see products marketed as “natural” and “green” when they are mixed in with known toxins, just to perpetuate confusion for the consumer. We are tired off seeing truly clean beauty brands struggling with introducing their products to consumers in a trustworthy and sales attentive environment. We have had enough.


PURE and The Clean Hub are here to disrupt and transform the current status quo in the beauty market as well as introduce and educate consumers about truly powerful clean beauty products that we know they will love. We believe that:


Clean and natural beauty products are the future of beauty and they will help consumers see better results and maintain their health for longer. We will work to bring the best clean brands to our customers.


Lessons and education about what truly constitutes clean beauty is essential to clearing the confusion “green washing” has caused as well as allow our businesses to fourish. We will educate our customers on your brand and its key ingredients and capabilities.


Everyone should be able to trust that they are buying truly clean and transparent beauty products. Customers will have a space to try your products and ask questions in real time with our sales team.


All clean beauty brands face challenges in working with larger retailers. We are here to give you a helping hand and the space you need to get your products in front of customers.


Now we invite you to join our partnership, grow your business alongside ours and help us spread the clean beauty story. You have been hand selected because you fit the following criteria:


  • Sustainable (your products come from our natural environment)
  • Ethical (your products do not harm the skin, are not tested on animals, contain no nasty ingredients, and your ingredients are totally transparent)
  • Results (your products do what they claim they do)
  • Accessible (your products are affordable for every day use)